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Those of you who are teachers and professionals in the fields of Complimentary, Integrative, and Alternative methods of healing are invited to announce your activities on this page. So, if you are teaching a class, having a retreat, workshop or an event that you would like to announce, my website is the place. There is no charge to share your activities.

You are invited to browse over the list of classes, workshops, and events where you can experience and learn more about healing the mind, body, and spirit. Individuals who teach are here to share their knowledge with you and assist you on your inner path. They will help you to understand that you are so much more than what you think you are.

See activities below. Have fun and enjoy

Join Me~Upcoming Zoom Event!

The Journey Home ... Following the Path of Your Inner Light

The world is changing. Amidst the chaos and confusion of our current times lies an invitation calling us into a new way of being. A way of life that is asking you to break away from listening to the outer chatter and begin to listen from within. It's an opportunity to step forth in the freedom as your authentic self. But how do we do this and why is it so important?!

Join me, as I guide you home to the remembrance of who you truly are. This session will be packed full of inspiration that will enable you to have a deeper understanding and connection with your Soul. Together we will explore exactly what the Soul is, how to live by the voice of it's inner knowing, and why it is imperative that we learn to do such. I will walk you through interactive exercises that will help you discover your unique Soul theme and imprint on the world.

Experience more joy, clarity, purpose, and hope by following the path of your inner light.

This Zoom event is being held on Saturday, April 30, 9:00-10:30am CST and is being hosted by my dear friend and colleague, Trudy Shea, of In-Balance Life. Cost is $29. If you are interested please contact me through my e-mail. In-Balance Life link right here.

For further insight, consider a personal Simply You Soul Session.

Weekly Worldwide Meditation

I lead weekly meditations from my home and invite you to join me to say personal prayers and prayers for our world and humanity. Wednesday evenings at a time that is convenient for you in your own surroundings. In the near future I want to have a live meditation where we can all join via Zoom or something like that.

Name: Weekly Worldwide Meditation

Day of the week: Wednesday

Time: Wednesday evening, at your convenience

Location: Your space

Leader: Rev. Mariana Griffith

A Medical Doctors Journey Through the Afterlife

In this wonderful video Dr. Alexander, a Neurosurgeon, talks in depth about his best selling book "Proof of Heaven". He talks about his near-death experience and how he wants to share the knowledge he received during his time on the other side with as many people as possible.