Welcome to The Pavilion

There is a unique selection of meditations here. You are invited to enjoy them.



For our relaxation we will do a three-part breath to the count of five.

I invite you to inhale slowly and deeply expanding your belly as you breathe, and count to five as you inhale. Then hold your breath to the count of five. Release your breath slowly to the count of five.

Repeat 3 times then keep your attention on your breath for a few moments.

I invite you now to come with me to a place called The Grand Shrine. You are standing outside of an awe inspiring building. It is beautiful, and has eloquent carvings within the structure. It is in the middle of a huge grassy area with tall trees, breath taking shrubs, and hundreds of flowers.

We walk around the garden and enjoy its beauty.

After a while, I invite you to come with me. As we walk slowly we can smell the pungent fragrance of the flowers and enter the Shrine. As you walk through the door and step on the carpet you immediately know that this is a very special place.

As you as you stand inside of the shrine you begin to feel delightful blessings of love, joy, peace, and grace showering gently upon, in, through and around you.

The first thing we see as we walk is a beautiful round table with hundreds of exquisite gemstones on it.

There are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, sapphires, and all types of precious treasures displayed.

Each one of the gemstones has different healing powers.

You are amazed being in such a place.

I invite you to pick up one of the jewels that you are drawn to and cup it in both of your hands.

You hold it for a few moments and begin to feel the warmth and loving energies radiating from the jewel.

You can feel the energies increase as you walk over to a chair and sit down.

You feel relaxed and calm.

You notice that the energies of the precious stone become stronger the longer you hold it.

I invite you to draw these energies into yourself through your breath and pores.

You can feel the energies inside of your body healing it, repairing all of the cells that need this energy, and releasing whatever is no longer of service to you.

You hold the stone close to your heart for a long time as you fill yourself with these wonderful energies. You sit there for a long time and bathe yourself in the blessings.

After a while, when you have been filled, you get up and walk back to the table with the jewels.

I invite you to pick up another crystal.

You scan the table and your attention goes to another beautiful gem that you absolutely must pick up.

You hold it gently in your hands.

Then you go over to another chair and sit. The energies of this gemstone are very different than the first one.

They are very potent loving energies.

Your body, mind, and spirit is being filled with this love.

The longer you look into this gemstone the better you feel.

Then you become aware that you have become one with the loving healing love energies of the jewel.

You feel grateful, humble, and very blessed. Again, you sit for a while and take in all of the wonderful feelings. You linger enjoying all of the good energies.

When you are ready you hand the gemstone to me to return for you.

You realize that it is time to return to the physical world.

You notice that you feel complete, loved, and healthy.

You get up from your seat and begin walking towards the doors.

Before you get to them you stop, and turn around to once again take in all of the beauty in this place.

The walls, the very high ceiling, are decorated in different patterns with gemstones.

Your whole body is drawing in all of these wonderful energies renewing, and restoring you.

I invite you to come back here any time you want.

You exit the Shrine and find yourself back outside where you began this journey, but now you feel great, and energized, and loved, and whole.

You walk through the grassy area with the tall trees and beautiful shrubs and you sit down on a bench under one of the beautiful shade trees and think about what you have just experienced.

You are aware that you are returning to the physical realm.

You begin to feel your physical body now, and are back where you started this journey.

You can feel the chair you where you are sitting.

You move your fingers a little, then your toes, and then your body a little.

You are now back in the physical world and when you are ready you can open your eyes.


For our relaxation before the meditation, I invite you to put your attention on your breathing.

Slowly inhale and expand your belly drawing in loving energies.

As you exhale you release all that is no longer of service to you.

Repeat 4 times

I invite you to picture yourself at the ocean shore.

You are standing a few feet away from the water enjoying the gentle breeze.

You can smell the fragrance of the ocean wafting on the breeze.

The ocean is a beautiful turquoise, and the water is so clear that you can see the little fish swimming around.

You walk a few steps forward until the water covers just your feet.

The waves are very gentle and caresses them. It feels cool and refreshing, and it does feel good.

As you stand there you can feel the sand beneath your feet being gently pulled towards the sea as the water recedes.

Looking out over the water you notice that the sun is about to set in the horizon.

You think about your twin soul and how you wish they were with you. You can feel their loving energies as you gaze upon the water.

You turn because something gets your attention. You see a person off in the distance.

They are walking toward you. Then you begin to walk towards this person.

You both notice that there is a picnic table close by and you both walk to it and sit down.

You each sit across the table from each other.

You gaze into each others eyes and they into yours for a long time not saying anything. You enjoy being with each other, and love you feel fills your whole being.

You both sit there for a long while, enjoying the feeling of being complete and finally being with each other. You have so much to talk about and you do.

By this time it has been dark for quite a while. The moon is reflecting its light off of the rippling ocean.

Both of you get up and hold each other's hands knowing that you will meet again.

You say thank you for this beautiful meeting being very grateful for finally finding each other.

The scene begins to fade, but you can still feel the energies of your twin soul.

With this grateful feeling you begin to return back to the physical world.

Bring all of the beautiful loving energies back with you.

You begin to feel your body now. You move your feet a little, and move your hands a little.

You are now back where you began this meditation. When you are ready you can open your eyes still feeling the beautiful, love between you and your twin soul.


To begin the relaxation process, I invite you to join me in doing three deep breaths.

Inhale slowly through your nostrils expanding your belly as you inhale to the count of 10.

Hold your breath to the count of 5.

Release your breath to the count of 10.

Repeat 3 times.

Today we will go on a journey to a place in the astral plane called the Temple of Color.

The Temple of Color is a very real place.

You can come here anytime you want answers to what is going on in your life.

The Magi are most hospitable and look forward to talking with you.

I invite you to put your attention on your breath now.

Breathing slowly for a few minutes just watching your breathing as you slowly inhale and exhale.

You find yourself on a hill looking down on upon a huge Temple.

It has a golden dome smaller turrets, and two much smaller domes.

There is a path in front of us and we begin to walk towards the temple.

We decide to kick off our shoes and feel the cool grass underneath our feet.

There are beautiful flowers on either side of the path in all colors of the rainbow.

In the distance we can see fields of different flowers growing in the spacious land.

Their fragrance is pungent, and smells delightful.

We take our time walking along the path enjoying the feeling of the area because it is so lovely with many Willow Trees for shade along the way.

We arrive at the bottom of the hill we find ourselves in front of the huge temple.

The color of the outside of the temple is white trimmed with gold.

There are 7 stairs that stretch almost the whole length of the building.

Each one of the stairs is a different color. The first step is red, then orange, the next one yellow,

then green, then blue, indigo, and violet.

We go up the stairs and are facing two huge doors that go from the ground almost to the roof.

There is someone there inviting us to go inside and the large doors open for us.

We go inside and we are in a huge rotunda with an extremely high ceiling with paintings on it. There are paintings and pictures of hundreds of world famous people who have helped the planet Earth in areas like art, music, comedy, architecture, science, and many other topics.

There are a lot of people here, some in groups, some by themselves who are walking around looking at the pictures, but it is amazingly quiet. You can hear a pin drop it is so quiet. After spending a good while in here taking in all of the information we decide to take a quick tour of the Temple of Color.

We turn to the left and see a door that is a beautiful red. It is decorated with ornate foil leaves that are red too.

The color red, has to do with the Physical world.

We enter the room and find that everything inside of it is different shades of red; light red, medium red, brick red,maroon, every color of red that you can imagine.

As we enter we are gently showered with a red mist.

We can begin to feel the effects of the color red as we notice that it is warm in here and we are filled with lots of energy.

There are trees, plants, and bushes there with different fruits that are colored red like apples, cherries, and all sorts of berry bushes like strawberry, raspberries, and tomatoes.

There are comfortable chairs to sit and relax on if you want to.

The color of this room is invigorating! The color red can represent life, strength, vitality, energy, stimulating, uplifting, and other things.

There are Magi here in this room that are here to share their great knowledge with you. They will share with you anything you could want to know that involves the energy of the color red.

We say thank you to the Magi for their hospitality guiding us in this room. As we leave the room we are told that we are welcome to return whenever we wish to.

We find ourselves standing in a hallway and our attention is drawn to our left.

We turn in that direction and see another set of doors, but these are orange, and it too has ornate orange foil decorations on them.

As we approach the doors open wide for us.

The color orange is connected to the Emotional energy.

Here we find that the room is filled with furnishings, trees, plants, flowers, that are orange. There are soft chairs, sofas and lots of other things in this room all colored orange of course. As you look around you can see the orange drapes, walls, and ceiling. Everything is orange! Even our clothes turn orange while here. This room feels different than the red room. It is much more calm. As you get used to the orange color you smell the sweet fragrance of the orange blossoms. Again we are gently sprayed with an orange mist coming from above and around us.

The Magi here are also very friendly and share their knowledge with us about what the color orange represents.

One of the Magi comes over to us and begins with saying that among other things this color is the color of enthusiasm, fun, enjoyment, and the balance of the lower chakras between red and yellow.

It also represents the reproductive organs, and sometimes can be a spiritual color. We make note just how different the orange room is than the red one, and that we feel rejuvenated after being in here for a while. After talking with some of the Magi for a while we are ready to continue to the next room.

We now know to turn to the left where we find ourselves in front of huge yellow doors.

The doors open for us to enter.

This room is all different shades of yellow. There are yellow flowers, yellow fruits and vegetables growing everywhere. The walls are yellow, the ground is yellow yet food grows here each one looks fresh and delicious. What a magical place this is. In this entrance we are again sprayed gently with a yellow colored mist, and we can immediately feel the effects of it.

We realize that the room represents Mental energy. Intellect, solar plexus, earth learned things, the human mind, happiness, fun, and more.

There are all sorts of books here and Magi too of course to share their knowledge.

So if you want to learn about something regarding earthly things like history, medicine, science, math, no matter what it is this is the place to come.

You can ask any of the Magi questions and they are enthusiastic to share their wisdom.

We are ready to leave, and notice how we are feeling. We realize that we feel energized and filled with enthusiasm.

The next doors we see are green, and they open up for us as we move towards them. Again as we enter we are sprayed gently with a green mist.

Green represents the heart plexus, harmony, change, love, money, prana, life force energy, and more.

Of course, everything in this room is different shades of green. There is even green grass growing on the floor lol. Green is the balance color between the upper and lower chakras.

There are Magi here too. We enjoy the feeling of being uplifted and and full of life that this color leaves us with. We say thank you to the Magi as we leave.

Walking out of the green room we find ourselves back in the hallway facing another set of huge doors. They are cobalt blue.

Yes, there are blue trees and fruits and vegetables in this room, and also comfortable sofas, pillows, and chairs to sit on, tables, lamps.

Blue is the color of healing. As you walk around in this room you begin to feel its calming, and inspirational effects. It is represented in the body at the location of the thyroid gland.

There are different colors of blue healing pools in this room that you can soak in to privately heal yourself. There are blue blankets to wrap yourself up in for healing, and there are Magi to talk with for spiritual guidance. They have many secrets and talents of doing healing to share with you. You will find that you are very relaxed being in this room. You might even want to curl up in one of the over stuffed chairs to be renewed and rejuvenated. You might even smell the fragrance of blueberries. Personally I love this room and have continued to return here to this day. Now though it is time to continue on our journey.

This time we find ourselves in front of the color Indigo doors.

The doors open up for us as usual, and as we enter this room, we can hardly see anything because it is so dark in here. Indigo is a deep midnight blue. One of the Magi asks us to hold our our arms out in front of ourselves to feel the velvety texture of the misty air. Interestingly it is very transparent. The longer we are in here our thoughts become very clear and our eyes adjust to the indigo room.

Again, everything here is the color indigo.

It is represented by the pinial gland, and reminds us of intuition, the third eye, integrity, great devotion, and seers. Seers are the ones who can see with intuitive insight. Which means when you return here you may want to talk with one of them to find out more about the higher powers of the universe.

We thank the Magi and walk to exit the room. However before we enter another room we are feeling the effects of the color indigo. We understand and have an inner knowing that we are an intuitive being.

Moving on to the next room to the left we see Violet doors.

They open for us, and this room is very bright in comparison to the indigo room.

It even takes a minute for our eyes to adjust to the difference in the lighting.

As we enter we are again sprayed with a mist, but this time it is violet.

Everything in here is different shades of violet.

This color represents the pituitary gland, the crown chakra, the mystical, magical, complete spiritual godliness, God's wisdom, and is the highest frequency of all the colors. It is the highest spiritual color.

So you are invited to return here for spiritual guidance from the Magi.

There are other rooms here too. The Magi explains that one of the rooms is huge like an amphitheater and is to gain Universal knowledge. There is always someone talking here and the talks are filled with wisdom. In this room everyone is wearing white who visits. They are given white clothes as then enter. White of course is a blend of all colors.

Before we leave the temple I invite you to come with me to the gardens where there are many things to do both for children and adults. There are toys, swings, meditation gardens, a carousel, reflecting pools, fountains, picnic tables, benches with soft pillows to sit on, a stream, and all sorts of wondrous things to explore here. As we continue walking we find ourselves back in the front of the huge temple. When I say huge I mean that the whole property here takes up close to one hundred acres.

The door Magi tells us that we are welcome to return any time we wish.

There are hundreds of things that we have not seen that are here to be shared.

As we look at the steps we see that the colors appear in the same order as when we arrived. Wow! It begins to sink into our consciousness that this temple has very mystical qualities.

So as we step on the first step it turns red, then the second step turns orange, the next one yellow,

then green, then blue, indigo, and violet.

We turn around for a few moments and remember all of the different energies of the colored rooms we visited. You realize how much better you feel than when we first started out. We begin our walk up the familiar footpath. We express our gratitude for all that we have seen and learned here. And know that we can come back to the Temple of Color any time we choose.

We have reached the top of the hill now. We turn around and look at the beautiful landscape, and realize that it is now it is time to return to our body that has been seated comfortably.

Our eyes are still closed, but we know that we have returned to our body and daily life, and we feel energized from all of the colors.

Take your time in coming back into your body.

Move your fingers and toes a little.

When you are ready gradually open your eyes.

Bring back all of the wonderful vibrations of the colors with you.

As you come back into your body here on earth, you remember every detail of your adventure. You say thank you to all of the Magi for giving you this great opportunity to experience the beautiful and mystical Temple. You are now ready to go about the rest of your day being grateful and joyful.

Dedicated to Dr. Robert H. Frey


Doing some sort of relaxation to prepare for surgery helps a great deal to reduce stress. When you are feeling relaxed the body can recuperate easier. Training your mind and body to relax is one of the most beneficial things a person can do to prepare for surgery, and life for that matter. Relaxing, meditating, and doing visualizations of being completely healed as far in advance of the surgery as you are able is very beneficial. Picture yourself perfectly healed after the surgery.

As I have said before, it is always important before meditating to relax your body as well as your mind.

So we will begin the meditation with an easy way to relax.

It is helpful to prepare for surgery doing the breathing exercises and meditation as much as possible.

This will assist you in reducing the stress of surgery both mentally and physically.

Gently closing your eyes begin to inhale slowly to the count of 5-10 while expanding your belly.

Hold your breath to the count of 5-10.

Exhale fully and completely to the count of 5-10.

Repeat 5 times.

Keeping your eyes closed put your full attention on your breath.

Breathe normally.

I invite you to notice your breathing.

Just be still and focus on your breathing for five to ten minutes.

Notice that your breathing will slow down.

Keeping your attention on your breathing we will now go on a relaxing journey.

As you look forward you see a beautiful bright light shining through a portal, and slowly walk to it.

Vaguely on the other side of the portal you can see green grass that calls to you.

You walk through the portal and find yourself in a park.

You see a swing set. There is someone else there who invites you to sit down on the swing.

As you walk towards the person holding on to the swing for you. It is an Angel, your guardian Angel.

The Angel motions to you to take a seat on the swing. You sit down and are comfortable.

Naturally you begin to move your body so that the swing moves back with your feet on the ground.

Then you lift your feet up and you begin to swing slowly and gently forward.

You feel the motion of the swing carrying your body back and forth.

As you are swinging some thoughts come into your consciousness.

I am calm. I am peaceful. I am relaxed. I am strong. I am safe. I recuperate easily and comfortably. The surgery will have an excellent outcome. My doctor is an excellent surgeon. I am very relaxed. I am healthy.

The flow of God/Source flows through the surgeons, doctors, and nurses who take excellent care of me.

You feel the movement of the swing.

My doctor and nurses allow the Love and Healing energies of the Universe to flow through them perfectly.

All of my cells know what to do to heal completely and swiftly.

You are enjoying the rhythm of the swing and say:

I am comfortable.

I heal quickly and easily.

I love myself.

I am relaxed and calm.

I feel good.

I Am Love.

You stop pumping the swing and enjoy the ride.

You now think about all of the positive statements you have made and slowly go over each one.

As you ponder these things the swing begins to slow down.

You look around and see the Angel.

You say thank you for this wonderful time in the park.

You feel wonderful.

Even though the swing has stopped you linger, and sit there for a while longer thinking

about what has just happened, and savor the beautiful feelings.

After some time, you decide to get off of the swing and walk back towards the portal.

As you walk you begin to slowly become aware that it is time to go forward.

You walk through the portal.

You begin to feel your body, and the chair you are sitting on.

Stirring around a bit and move your body a bit. You move your head slowly to the left then to the right. Then your move your fingers, then your toes a little bringing all of the positive feelings back with you.

When you are ready you can open your eyes.


I would like to suggest that you be dressed comfortably. Perhaps some soft music in the background and/or some fragrant incense or candles burning will help in lifting your spirits. Kick off your shoes. Take off your glasses, and get ready to go on a wonderful journey of healing. I invite you to take at least five minutes to do some deep breathing or another form of relaxation.

Picture yourself sitting in a circle with friends, family, or your favorite people to be around.

You hold hands with the person next to you.

In the center of the circle you see a small blue bubble.

As you look at it, it begins to grow.

It grows bigger and bigger and bigger.

Then the magic happens.

You are now all inside of this blue bubble and are being lifted up off the surface of

the earth floating weightlessly inside the bubble. As the outside of the

bubble touches your body you begin to feel lighter, and lighter.

You look at the person floating next to you and they appear to be much younger than




Feeling refreshed breathing deeply, and slowly the essence of spirit, allowing its

perfection to restore every cell, atom, nerve, and every organ in your body.

You find that you are beginning to draw in the blue energy through every cell in your skin

from your head to your toes like a sponge.

You draw it in more, and more until you are completely filled.

You feel great!

You are filled with joy!

You are healthy.

You feel energized and filled with love.

All of you in the circle are doing this together at the same time.

The energies of all of these good things are growing as this is done.

The energies are becoming stronger and stronger.

You allow the perfection of Source (God) to enter into your physical, mental, emotional


Healing. Soothing. Peaceful. And Serine.

If there is anything in your life that you feel needs this healing energy place it into

these energies.

And off you float into your own world of healing bliss.

When you are ready to return to this world you are gently placed in your chair as is

everyone else.

You are filled up with the love of the Universe so much so that you want to share all these good feelings.

You picture the earth planet in the center of your circle floating majestically in its proper orbit and share these good energies with it.

Then you radiate this energy out to all planets and in our galaxy and all other galaxies.

You automatically draw in more of these loving energies as you share them.

Now that the beautiful energies have been shared bring yourself gently to the surface now taking your time with this. You feel refreshed, and filled, with the Love of Spirit. And So It Is. Amen.


Inhale to the count of 5 & close fists.

Exhale to the count of 5 & open fists.

Repeat 3 times

When someone is close to dying/making their transition it is important for them to feel comfortable, and to completely let go of their earthly life on all levels. It also can be of comfort to let the person know that it is ok and that you know it is for their highest good.

This is (say your name)

You hear my voice, and it is very soothing and calm.

You feel yourself slipping away from life as you know it.

Yet it feels right somehow.

You forgive yourself for everything.

It feels like you are clean now.

Only love and forgiveness exists for you, and

You are beginning to feel free.

Your mind is moving inward now.

You see what seems to be a glow.

You can feel yourself moving towards it and know it is okay to do this, as this is your path.

Feeling free. Feeling love.

You move towards the white light.

You know in your heart that this is where you belong.

You feel safe as you travel.

You are aware that you are moving in a new direction that is peaceful, beautiful, calm, renewing.

Everything is ok. All is very well.

You are not alone.

You know and feel that there is someone with you during this time.

The feeling is beautiful, and you are relaxed.

You keep following the white light and travel upwards through the tunnel.

The white light gets brighter, and you feel more love than you ever have experienced.

You are now wanting to move closer to the light and love now.

It is comforting and you feel more and more blessed.

You know this is the place where you have been before.

This is the love you have been searching for.

It feels wonderful.

You hear someone's soft and gentle voice talking to you.

Come this way. And you follow the voice.

You realize that you are in the most beautiful place you have ever been.

You are at rest. You are at peace. You are loved.



The love between twin souls is extraordinarily strong.

Nothing can really separate the two once they have met.

However, circumstances can come up that makes it feel like you are separated.

The separation is more than painful that is for sure.

It takes up every moment of your exsistance it seems.

How is this repaired? How do you become reunited with your twin soul?

Forgiving oneself is the first thing.

Forgiving them is the second thing.

It isn't easy for sure, but it does clear the air.

Ho'oponopono a forgiveness prayer in the Hawaiian tradition is simple and comes right to the point.

"I'm sorry! Please forgive me! Thank you! I love you!"

Four very simple phrases but extremely powerful.

Let's say the first phrase.

I'm sorry! How does it feel when you say this to your twin soul?

Are your emotions very powerful here? If so that is a good thing.

Release, cry, holler, get angry whatever it takes to accept your part in the separation.

Then say Please forgive me!

How does that feel?

Does this make you feel sad?

Release your emotions here also. Let it flow.

Saying Thank you is very important when said with heartfelt intentions.

Here you accept that your twin soul is accepting what you have said, and you in the process have cleansed yourself.

I love you! Three very important words. Letting your twin soul know that you love them.

You are technically one with your twin soul and can never be separated although it can feel like you are separated.

Reflect upon how doing this has helped you release some of the stress of this situation.

You may have to repeat this many times until you feel the comfort of your twin soul standing beside you.

It does happen. It happened to me. Don't ever give up. Keep trying.


To begin our meditation, I invite you to do a few Yoga Breaths with me.

You can close your eyes for a few moments to begin relaxing.

I invite you to inhale slowly to the count of ten.

Hold your breath to the count of ten.

Release your breath to the count of ten.

Please repeat 3 times.

We are in a beautiful garden, and everything has been taken care of by expert landscapers.

As you look around, you realize that you are surrounded by tall trees, plants, and flowers. These are not ordinary at all. Each one has a gift that they can share with you.

I invite you to walk up to a patch of flowers. They are all different types of flowers with bright colors and their fragrance is pungent and sweet. You put your hand out and touch one of them. The flower begins to softly speak to you and you realize that you are hearing its words in your head.

You are a very special person says the flower. You have come to an enchanted realm of the universe where only Truth is spoken. The words you hear are especially for you. Each person hears something special that is meant only for them. The being that you are is filled with light. This light is God Consciousness which is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent. This means that you are all knowing, all powerful, and present everywhere. Become very still and quiet and then listen deep within yourself. As you practice being still you will begin to hear what it is saying to you. It is always guiding you for your highest good, to be the best person you can be. You stand there taking this all into your being. You say thank you and look around.

Then you begin to slowly walk, taking in the wonderful aromas of the flowers, trees, and the grass. Next you see a magnificent tree with hundreds of beautiful emerald green leaves on its many branches. The tree is very tall, but the trunk is short enough for you to climb up into the tree if you wanted too. The tree invites you to climb and sit upon one of its branches. So you begin to climb. As you go higher in the tree you can see lots of birds. They are chirping and singing their melodic songs talking to each other. The tree asks "Have you found a comfortable place to sit? " You share that you are very comfortable and feel great. You find yourself looking inside of yourself and the tree tells you that if you find anything that needs to be fixed or healed that it can assist you with doing just that. You begin scanning inside of your body and notice that there are a few things that need attention. You share this with the tree. The tree immediately begins to sway gently in the light breeze. As it sways the tree as it tells you to repeat what it says then after each statement the tree asks you to think about the statement you have just repeated. I am worthy. I am healthy. I am filled with Gods Grace. I am divine. I am Love. I am God Consciousness. The conversation continues with even more positive things about you. The tree continues to share beautiful statements that you once again repeat. The tree invites you to say I let go of things that no longer serve me. I am enough. I forgive myself. I am whole. I am filled with love from the heart of hearts, and as you say these things you realize that you really are filled with love from the heart of hearts.

You sit comfortably on a branch echoing each one of the statements the tree said about you for a long time. You realize that now it is time to climb down the tree feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and alive. By the time you reach the ground you feel great. You have lots of energy, yet you are calm and centered.

You bow to the tree in thankfulness for the wisdom and all it has shared with you.

You can spend all the time you want here in this garden as it is always open.

Up ahead you see the exit to the garden.

You walk towards it and walk through the gate.

As you are walk you begin to come back to your body.

You move your hands a little and your feet.

You begin to feel the chair you are sitting on now.

You open your eyes and your world l has been transformed. You feel wonderful. And are now ready to go about the rest of your day feeling joyful, relaxed, and centered ready to continue with your activities of the day.