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Did you know that there is a difference between meditation and prayer? I have learned that meditation is when you sit calm, and quiet, and listen for guidance and wisdom.

Prayer is giving appreciation for seeing what is already occurring rather than beseeching for something to occur. For example: If we are desiring rain, then praying for rain might look like ‘Thank You Source/God” I appreciate the rain being bestowed upon our land as I feel it seeping through my toes nourishing our land to provide sustenance. It is already done!

That brings us to the subject of healing. Some people use both meditation and prayer for healing. If one works better for you than the other continue to use it. To me healing is when the extraordinary perfection of the love of a Higher Power manifests itself physically. This can be reached either by meditation or prayer. Humans on this earth experience what is called hurt, pain, traumatic events etc. that cut us off from this Higher Power of love. Love is the Healing Elixir if you will.

Meditation Is Great For Kids

Food for thought: I invite you to consider teaching your children to meditate. Meditation assists kids in many ways. There is evidence that it can help them improve their attention span, decrease anxiety, promote happiness, can improve behavior, and be profoundly beneficial.


“Ho’oponopono” (pronounced HO-oh-Po-no-Po-no) Means to make “things right”.

“I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You”.

You might want to use this prayer to learn about forgiveness. It is very short, but mighty powerful.

There are only four phrases, but they get down to the bottom of an issue when you are looking for forgiveness. Repeating each statement as a mantra is very powerful by the way.

The First Statement: Say “I’m Sorry” You are apologizing. (You are giving appreciation.)

The Second Statement: Say “Please Forgive Me” (You are accepting the fact that you have not done the right thing.)

The Third Statement: Say “Thank You” (You are showing appreciativeness.)

The Fourth Statement: Say “I Love You”.

Here is a link that explains this beautifully.

***Healing Requests***

I have been asked to have a Healing Request section on this website. If you or anyone you know is having a dilemma in their life it would be my honor to say a healing prayer of love to that situation. Everything is held in strict confidence.

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