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My name is Mariana Griffith, the creator of this website Playground For The Soul Center. I was born and raised in the Greater Los Angeles area of California. In the 1970's I attended the College of Mind Science, became a Minister, and received an Honorary Doctorate Degree. I taught Meditation and other classes for Los Angeles Mission College, and now I am retired living in Maui, Hawaii.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a holistic alternative/complimentary methods of healing center. I thought it would be a physical manifestation with buildings and all, but to my surprise I have created my dream online. I want to share that there is much more to the human mind than meets the eye. There is a much higher intelligence which is available to everyone no matter what their race, creed, religion, or sexual preference. My purpose is to have this site be a haven for learning, relaxation, and a Spiritual Center.

A big thank you goes to Nenari Anne Diamond who channeled the birth of this website for me. Thank you for assisting me to accomplish one of my purposes in life.

I want to give credit to Chris Madsen for composing the beautiful music that I've shared here, and to Nenari Anne Diamond for giving me permission to use it.

My son Allen Segall gets a big thank you for assisting me with computer technology. The videos wouldn't have appeared here if it were not for his help, and neither would the guest book, Thank you Allen.

And last, but not least thanks to my husband Carl Griffith for his patience and putting up with late dinners.

Thank you for browsing here. May you be Blessed.

Kind Regards,