Learn About Meditation, Its Benefits, & Helpful Hints

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Enjoy the quiet of your inner mind. Allow the outside noises to help you go inward to that sacred place within. Yes, there is a quiet place within your heart that can accomplish anything that may seem impossible on the physical level. You really don't have to do anything special to get there. Just look for it and it will become known to you. There is the answer to any question you may have. There is good health, calm emotions and an extraordinary amount of love here. Put enough time aside to allow your body to relax, but the mind is very alert. You can go anywhere you wish whether in this universe or others. You might even want to build your own beautiful and inspiring place in your minds eye. Outdoors is wonderful because nature enhances the ambiance of meditation. Water is also a very calming component. It can be very relaxing whether looking at a waterfall or enjoying the peaceful sound of hearing the water splash as it lands in a pool, or listening to it rain. Allow yourself the luxury of learning to relax. Yes, your mind is alert and thinking, but your body is at rest. That is one of the benefits of meditation.


Preparing to Meditate:

Choose a location: It is good practice to always meditate at the same time and location if possible. Choose a comfortable space in your home with good ventilation and comfortable seating where you won't be disturbed. Meditating outdoors is beautiful also.

Ambiance for Meditation:

Personally I have found that creating an ambiance for meditation helps me. At times I choose one or more of these things such as: incense or flowers, dim lighting if at night, candles, and/or music to set the mood. Meditating in nature, a lush garden, at the beach, in the forest, or a meadow, is wonderful for a change of pace. Being in Mother Nature is awesome.


Most of us don't realize that relaxing your body to assist the meditation process is very important. So, before you meditate, I invite you to do some sort of relaxation method like deep breathing or other techniques to relax the muscles your body. Once you are relaxed repeating words such as love or peace, (a mantra) is great to keep your attention focused from extraneous thoughts. Also, you can build a sacred place in your mind that is the most perfect and beautiful place you can think of. You can have anything there that you could ever want. You can go there at any time and no one can take it away from you. Thoughts do pop up when we are trying to calm down and relax so just allow them to float by and continue.

Meditation, Music and Healing

There are different types of music to listen to while meditating. Some music I will call ordinary everyday music; that's the music you can turn on the radio and listen to. I really enjoy some of the music played by Tony O'Connor which is flute music, and music written by Steven Halpern is wonderful also. There are many other composers of healing music, too many to name here. A few years ago I discovered another type of music written in the Ancient Solfeggio Scale. The vibration frequency of the notes are more harmonious with the body, and living organisms like plants and animals. Musical notes are frequencies, and as we know the body is made up of different frequencies. For instance each of the organs in the body have a different frequency, as well as the mental/emotional body. The Solfeggio Scale has tones that have a remarkably healing effect on the body. The body is 70% water and scientific experiments have proved that sound does affect water.

Benefits of Meditation

Reduce Stress

Enhance Self Awareness

Increase Concentration

Can Improve Sleep

Lower Blood Pressure

Promote Well Being

Decrease Depression Symptoms

Good For Your Heart

Helps You To Relax

Reduce Inflammation In The Body

Helps Creativity

Can Improve Memory

Increase Feelings of Love and Peace

Enhance Self Esteem

Wonderful for Children

And More.....